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an all-day adventure

Boat ride - €100 discount

On vacation with friends or family, for your best summer adventure, avoid the crowds and choose a private boat tour – one of the most popular activities on the Opatija Riviera!

Sail with a local captain on the beautiful wooden ship “Barbossa”, fully equipped and very comfortable.

Have fun swimming and diving or simply take time to relax on the best hidden beaches and coves.
Natural cliffs and lagoons that can only be reached by boat and the crystal clear Adriatic Sea will leave you breathless.

adrenaline park

kringa - €50 + 10% discount

Adrenalin Park Kringa is located in Central Istria, near the town of Kringa. It covers 19,000 square meters of oak forest that protects visitors from the sun.

Individual visits do not need to be announced, while larger groups, team buildings and children’s birthdays must!

The smallest city in the world


Museum of Hum Aura is located in the medieval building of the smallest city in the world – Hum in Istria. In the past, the building played a major role in creating the social, economic and even political life of Grašćak and Homjan (inhabitants of Hum and surrounding settlements). Among other things, there was a granary – Fontik, but also the Town Lodge where important decisions were made. According to the age-old Croatian custom from the 12th and 13th centuries, the prefect is still elected in the Gradska lodge on a summer day.